DROMON Shipping and Trading LTD: Maritime services since 2004

Dromon was established in June 2004 and provides maritime services as Shipping Agency , Shipbroking and Freight Forwarding. We have more than 30 years of experience in the shipping industry and all the team is personally involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Our “Hands on” customer-oriented approach, coupled with the uniquely customized service provided, is the fundamental principle of our philosophy and has been the key to our clients’ satisfaction. Along with our dedication and flexibility, our long experience in the industry ensures a satisfactory result and a strategic and competitive advantage in the marketplace.



Shipping Agency at all Greek Ports (at Piraeus, Eleusis, Laurium, Rafina and any other port in Attica region through our main office located in Piraeus and at the other Greek ports through the network of our subagents) and for all types of vessels (general cargoes, bulk carriers, tankers, LPG & LNG carriers, Ro/Ros, Ferries, Cruisers, tugs and Yachts).

The Shipping Agency activity mainly includes :

  • All Free Pratique & Permission of Sailing Formalities with the local Authorities (Port, Customs, Immigration and Health Authorities).
  • All Crew Movements and Formalities ( Join - On and Sign - Off procedures & Visa Formalities with the relevant authorities).
  • Vessel's / Crew Attendance and Supply of all necessary items requested by Master / Owners / Charterers such as:

    Deck and Engine stores, Provisions & Supplies, Bunkers & Lubricants, Fresh water, Communication equipment ( Cell - phones, Computers, etc ), Medical assistance for the crew if requested, landing of the sick seaman or quests or passengers, any other shore a/o port facility requested always subject of availability.

  • Guest and Passenger services & attendance always as per Owners’ request.

  • Submission of accounts / expenses to Owners a/o Charts on a regular basis i.e once per month or per each call (disbursment accounts) for cost calculation and budget purposes.
  • Assistance in Management Services ( Commercial & Technical ) (if requested).
  • Recruitment of Greek & Foreign Crew ( if requested ).
  • Arranging of cargo loading , discharging and transhipment Operations at all Greek Ports or Coordination of stevedores, watchmen, tallymen, terminal operations, haulers, etc.
  • Communication with cargo interests, port, and other authorities, as well as trade organizations.
  • Cargo documentation issues, including consular matters.
  • Daily information / upgrading for each vessel's progress at the port for any Inward a/o Outward cargo operation.
  • Monitor the execution of Principal's instructions.


Chartering activities include primarily the ship Broking Services offered to our exclusive clients, ship owners and cargo charterers.

We provide prompt advice of available cargoes and vessels,market rates and developments across a wide range of dry bulk trades.

Coverage includes all the main bulk carrier sizes and trades up to handy-maxes, with a strong concentration on vessels and cargoes. Our broking team works with an extensive portfolio of clients in both an exclusive and direct capacity and via other established broking houses.

Furthermore, our experience includes RoRo, RoRo LoLo, container and general cargo vessels, ferries and cruise vessels for which we can develop and conclude employment projects and contracts of affreightment.


Dromon streamline the shipping of goods.Importing and exporting can become costly and time-consuming for manufacturers or traders with bulk shipping needs and our service is to manage every aspect of the transportation process as we have established relationships with the transportation companies and arrange shipments by :

O Sea, Air, Rail, Truck

  • Selecting transportation providers to move the goods to the final destination.
  • Negotiating freight rates and other costs on behalf of our clients in order to balance speed , transportation cost and reliability.
  • Assisting in documentation and all regulations associated with:

    Shipping goods internationally.

    Consolidating freight for fewer shipments.

    Managing inventory during the storage and transportation processes.

    Arrange cargo insurance and filing insurance claims if necessary.


The Owner(s) and/or the Manager(s) of any Yacht (private or commercial) can rely on our full range of agency services as our excellent relations with the Ports ensure fast and efficient turnaround.

Our staff is aware of the importance of effective communication and accessibility and is equipped with the latest technological resources to sustain seamless flow of information and contact with all contracted parties to fulfil the requirements of our customers.

We can easily provide our best assistance in any vessel's Owners / Managers upon specific request. This is applied to the Technical management which includes the routine repairs and maintenance work along with the Class Surveys, the Issuance of vessel's Trading Certificates , the Dry Docking and to the Commercial management which includes Crew, Insurance and the Operational items of the ship.

Our Agency Services are :

  • Free pratique and sailing permission formalities.
  • Crew Changes and Visa Processing.
  • E-Tickets , Hotel and Transport.
  • Medical Support for crew and passengers.
  • Cash to Master (CTM).
  • Clearance of spare parts and Delivery
  • Bunker and Supplies Coordination and Arrangement.
  • Survey Arrangements , Launch Services.
  • Arrangement of Slops, Sludge & Garbage removal.
  • Servicing of On-Board Equipment.
  • Minor Repairs Arrangements.
  • Hull, Hold and Propeller Cleaning, etc.

The team

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Managing Director

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Business Development Director



Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency

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Freight Forwarding



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Global Synergies

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Back Office


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